Sea Miracle 3

"Sea Miracle" is an acrylic glass magnet. Created from recycling glass with natural shells, corals and sea glasses found on our nice beaches. Decorated with original crystals, pearl and beads. It is a nice present for someone who loves Seychelles just like we love it. Keep part of tropics with you. Absolutely unique and never repeat like snowflakes.

Size: 5 cm x 8 cm.

Color: Multicolored. Color of relief - Silver.

Material: Glass, high quality glass paint made in France. Natural shells, corals, sea glasses, crystals Preciosa, beads Toho, pearls. Acrylic.

How to Use: Can be used as a decorative object. Wash gently with soap water or dish wash liquid only. For cleaning do not use the abrasive liquids, pastes, sponges, solvents, and dishwasher.

Under the order: Lead time 3-5 days.

20.00 €