"Zodiac" is a nice stained-glass with a zodiac sing. Hand made painted with high quality stained-glass paints and original crystals Swarovski. It can be made with your zodiac sing and became your individual glass. Or you can order any of 12 sings of zodiac and present to someone as a gift.

Size: Height 23 cm. Diameter 10 cm.

Color: Yellow and red. Color of relief - King gold. Color of crystals - yellow.

Material: Glass, high quality glass paint made in France, original crystals Swarovski.

Additional: Goes with a carton white gift box.

How to Use: Can be used as a decorative element or as a normal glass. Wash gently with soap water or dish wash liquid only. For cleaning do not use the abrasive liquids, pastes, sponges, solvents, and dishwasher.

Under the order: Lead time 5-7 days.

40.00 €
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